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Landscape Services Customer Satisfaction Survey
Landscape Services is committed to serving the needs of our campus community. This survey gives you an opportunity to let us know how well we are meeting your expectations and how we can serve you better. Your feedback helps us to consistently provide exceptional customer service. Please take a few moments to answer the questions below. Written comments are especially helpful. By providing your name and contact information you can be assured that Landscape Services staff will address your concerns specifically and quickly. If you would rather discuss your opinions with the Director of Landscape Services, please feel free to call the office at 472-2679. Thank you for your time and input!

    Your Name:
    Campus Phone:
Campus Address:

How frequently do you request services provided by Landscape Services?

Your primary mode of communication with Landscape Services staff is through:

Please rate those services and attributes of Landscape Services as you have experienced them over the past year, using the rating scale provided: 1 = strongly dissatisfied; 3 = satisfied; 5 = extremely satisfied; NA – Don’t Know.
General Landscape Services Attributes:
Extremely Satisfied
Strongly Dissatisfied
Don’t Know
Landscape Services staff is responsive to your needs.
Timeliness of the Landscape Services staff response to inquiries and requests for service or assistance.
Knowledgeable, courteous, and professional conduct of the Landscape Services staff.
Quality of the tasks completed by Landscape Services staff.
Overall satisfaction with Landscape Services.
Tasks performed by Landscape Services:
Extremely Satisfied
Strongly Dissatisfied
Don’t Know
Hard Surface (sidewalks, parking lots)
Outdoor Events
Litter Removal
Plant questions
Pruning/Mulching Requests
Recycle Removal
Snow/Ice Removal
Trash Removal
Comments to explain any of the above responses:

Use the space below to provide written comments:
1. What attributes and/or services of Landscape Services are you most pleased with?

2. What area of Landscape Services provides the most opportunity for improvement?