Welcome to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Environmental Health and Safety Department Virtual Manual. The Virtual Manual was created to help supervisors and employees consolidate safety and compliance information applicable to their specific work areas at UNL.

Instructions and an overview of the structure and intent of the Virtual Manual are described below:

Completing the Assessment

EHS has arranged safety information into several subject areas, some of which are applicable to many areas on campus, some of which are only applicable to a few. The Virtual Manual uses assessment questions to determine what information is applicable to you. When you answer the questions in the assessment, you are selecting the subjects that apply to your work area.

If you don't know the answer to an assessment question, use your best judgement. You can edit your assessment later if necessary.

To enter the assessment, click on Assessment in the menu at the top.

Saving Your Custom Virtual Manual

We refer to the combination of subjects you choose during the assessment as your "profile." Your profile creates your Custom Virtual Manual.

After you have answered all assessment questions, hit the Submit button, and your profile will appear on the screen. Click the Back button on your browser to correct the assessment if necessary at this point.

Below the profile listing, you are asked for your email address. This is so that we can retrieve your profile for you when you revisit the Virtual Manual in the future.

Accessing Your Custom Virtual Manual

You need to enter your email address to access your profile. Upon doing so, your screen will show your custom virtual manual home page. This home page includes a link for every subject that you chose during the assessment.

The information for each subject is maintained on an individual web page. The subject web pages contain text and links to subtopics and other materials, such as Safe Operating Procedures, forms, and program documents. The pages are common to all users, so that everyone who accesses a subject, such as Chemical Safety, will see the same information.

To access your profile, click on Access Your Profile in the menu at the top, or on the Virtual Manual Home Page.

Subject Information

The Virtual Manual provides explanatory narrative and links to relevant EHS SOPs, as well as additional information sources. Users are advised to review all linked SOPs, as they are integral to the overall mission of the Virtual Manual--to create a comprehensive safety and compliance manual. When EHS updates information for a subject, either in the Virtual Manual narrative or linked documents, you will automatically see that update the next time you access your custom virtual manual. Every EHS document that is linked within the manual will include a revision date.

Navigating the Virtual Manual

Each topic page includes a link back to your profile contents at the bottom of the page. You can use these links or your browser's Back button to navigate the site.

Links to outside web sites (beyond EHS) will open another browser window. To return to the EHS Web Site, close the browser window for the outside web site, or select the EHS Web Site browser window on the task bar. If you have problems navigating your custom virtual manual, please call EHS at (402) 472-4925 for assistance.

Editing Your Custom Virtual Manual

If you want to change the list of subjects you selected, just answer the assessment questions again. You can save your updated profile using the same email address.

Paper Copies

To create a hard copy of your Virtual Manual, print your assessment, each subject page in your profile, and all relevant, linked information. Most forms and SOPs are formatted in Adobe to make printing easier. Take your printed materials and arrange them in a binder. If you print your material, you will want to check your profile online occasionally to see if any information has been updated. You will be able to tell by comparing the revision dates of the materials.

Supplemental Materials

The information in this Virtual Manual should be supplemented with specific work practices and procedures as appropriate and which are generally established by the supervisor. Bookmark this page now and always enter the Virtual Manual through this page. Call EHS at (402) 472-4925 if you need assistance with the Virtual Manual. We welcome your comments and suggestions so that we can make the Virtual Manual best fit your needs. Please forward your suggestions to EHS by email at or by telephone at (402) 472-4925.


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